Stories not appearing on map after update?

I recently updated our site to the latest version of Curatescape, but now find that some of our stories do not appear on the general map. As you can see in the screenshots, we have 40 public stories on the site, but only 30 are showing up on the map. They seem to be our oldest stories…all the missing stories have locations assigned, AND when you find the stories by searching, they display a map at the bottom of the narrative with the correct location. It’s a bit baffling, I must say.

I had a similar problem last time I upgraded, which only required a simple browser cache refresh.(Items not showing up after upgrade)

But that doesn’t seem to help this time…any suggestions?

I think you might need to update the Curatescape JSON plugin

That did it - updating is something done just rarely enough for me to forget all of the details. Thanks