Items not showing up after upgrade


So I’ve just upgraded Omeka and Curatescape, but now a number of our stories aren’t showing up on the main map. Here’s one item: It clearly has a location assigned, because it shows up in the item map, but then on the general map, it doesn’t appear

Any ideas? I’ve tried deleting the location and reassigning it - also checked for extra lines in the story titles, as I saw someone else had that issue.


If it’s helpful, it seems the stories that aren’t showing up are some of our older ones - but there are also more recent ones not appearing.


Aaaand…just to add to the fun, when I checked the site in Chrome, the items don’t seem to appear at all…
wondering if I botched something in the upgrade installation?


Hi Aaron, try refreshing your browser cache.


Ahh, of course. That fixed it. Thanks - little embarrassed I didn’t think of that…