No pins on Front Page Map

I feel like some version of this has been asked several times on here, but I can’t seem to find it. Our Curatescape project ( is not displaying pins on the front page. The location pins show up on the individual stories, and in tours, but not on the front page.

In addition, location pins for some of our stories have disappeared altogether.

I’ve confirmed our Geolocation plugin is updated and we have the most recent version of Curatescape. I’ve tried clearing the browser cache, etc. without success.
Any suggestions?

Looks like your server was updated to use PHP 7.4 (or you moved servers), so the JSON output is broken by a deprecation notice at items/browse?output=mobile-json.

Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is deprecated

You can fix it by turning off debug/dev mode in the .htaccess file, which should be at the root of your installation. Just add a # symbol before the line below.

# SetEnv APPLICATION_ENV development
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By the way, I’ll be issuing a fix for this in the next release of the Curatescape JSON plugin later today.

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Thanks, Erin - this fixed it.
I actually waited to implement this fix until I was live with my Digital History class, thinking I’d demo to them the value in using resources like forums to solve problems, and show how doing things like editing code isn’t scary as long as you don’t go beyond your level.
So I went through the process, refreshed the browser and…got an Omeka error code! And the site was 404’d. :smiley:
It was kind of a hilarious fail moment. But, luckily within 2-3 minutes it came back, fully functional, so my teaching moment was ultimately vindicated.

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