Language override

  1. How to configure/install other languages in this theme?
  2. After I configuing other language according to Omeka’s guide (add language code in the config file) the Curatescape Story’s body such as subtitle, story, Factoid etc., have disappeard. After I deleting the language code, it appears again.

So, please let me know how to add the override, I can do translation and share with other users of this project.

Thank you very much for your great job.

Hi @cymby,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue when using a valid language code.

  • Does your issue persist when you are using a different theme?
  • Are you getting any error messages?

Thank you so much for your prompt reply! :bouquet:

There was no error message. But, those words that are used only for this theme, such as STORY, TOUR, RELATED TOURS, haven’t being translated properly, still keep English. These words doesn’t occur in the default theme. Therefore, I suppose I need to add a translation for those special words. I found the language files, however. the .mo format can’t be read and check whether the translation has contained these words.

Please let me know how I can do next. Thanks again!

I noticed there is customization of labels such as tour. However, it has not covered all…

Hi @cymby,

You’ll need to create the translation files yourself, which is a bit of a process.

See instructions here:

This plugin might also be helpful:

Can I ask on this topic @ebell if you’ve tested the Daniel-KM multilanguage plugin on curatescape and if it works okay.

Hi @james-smith, I do not have much experience with any kind of translation. We’ve created the Curatescape tools so that they can be translated by others as needed, but it’s not something we have the resources to really delve into ourselves.

Based on the documentation for Daniel-KM/Omeka-plugin-Multilanguage, usage requires theme customization on all themes, not just Curatescape.

Based on your experience @ebell, would curatescape work without customization if I just wanted to use this plugin for the locale switcher (which I recall already works just fine with Curatescape once you modify the header) and the simple pages locale filter? I don’t actually want to use it for translating strings and our use of stories is already side by side bilingual and we’d prefer to keep it like that and not interfere.

I just want it to filter the menu to only show welsh simple pages and switch locale so that my custom cy-GB .mo kicks in.

The best advice I can give is to try it and see what happens, keeping in mind that each plugin has its own documentation that should clarify if customization or other steps are required. If something doesn’t work as expected, try switching to one of the default themes to isolate the Curatescape theme as the issue. If something doesn’t work in the Curatescape theme but does work in a default theme, report back and we’ll see if it’s something that can be addressed.

Further to this thread, I can confirm that the multilanguage plugin works just fine with the locale switcher and with swapping out simple pages copy etc. You just need your own solution for the stories. I’ll share it all when complete.