Varied branding within one curatescape project

New Orleans Historical will be collaborating with some partners that would like to have a more robust/individualized presence within the larger NOH website.

We have collaborators who would like to contribute several tours to NOH, but they are supported by grant funds that required the project to produce a more insulated/standalone public facing product. We’ve also bandied about the idea of having a section of NOH dedicated to younger audiences.

I am trying to come up with creative ways to address these impulses within our existing curatescape project. I have been combing through other curatescape projects to get some inspiration, and have come across some interesting approaches:

I was looking at project and I like how they are utilizing extra simple pages to feature various aspects of their project and directly linking to other related (non-curatscape) projects. I also like how created an education/contribution website to feed into their curatescape project.

If anyone is working on, or has seen another curatscape projects achieve, something like this please let me know. :slight_smile:

Discover Indiana has created a totally separate website to document the project. That’s all happening outside of Omeka/Curatescape.

If you’d like to add additional simple pages, you can do that via the admin interface. Simply add new pages at

If you want to reorder or change the navigation, you’ll need to first update theme settings at:

…then, if needed, uncheck the box labeled “Default Navigation.”

Thanks Erin, this is helpful!