Upgrade to 2.8 causing mysterious mmenu.js error

Hi All,
Omeka has been bugging me to upgrade to 2.8 from 2.7.1 and I tried it on my dev site. It’s good I didn’t do it on the actual site as there seems to be a javascript error that is preventing the content from rendering. It seems to be with the plugin mmenu.js and an element not being there.

Dev site:

Live site:

So I’m wondering if anyone has run into this problem and might have some insight to offer before I go in there and start wildly hacking at it until it renders properly.

Thanks for your help.

The mmenu.js error is related since the broken markup is stopping the menu from reading a DOM node that never got loaded, but it’s not the actual cause.

If you look at the page source, you’ll see the underlying issue is a PHP error, related, I think, to some of your customizations (which look great by the way).

Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function get_random_featured_collections() in /path/to/curatescape/custom.php:2233

I’m not positive but it might just be the extra s in that function call, assuming you meant to use the Omeka function get_random_featured_collection().


Hmmm, that’s what they said on the other forum.

Where are you guys seeing this error? It doesn’t appear for me when I load the index page and I don’t see it in errors.log (unless I am doing something wrong).

Thanks for your help on this!

You need to view the page source.

right-click > View Page Source

Got it! Thanks so much for pointing where to find that. Yes it had nothing to do with the mmenu.js file at all.

While customising the app, I added a function to application/libraries/globals.php in the curatescape theme folder called, you guessed it, get_random_featured_collections (note the s). But when upgrading, globals.php get rewritten during the upgrade process!!!

So don’t mess with anything outside of custom.php. I also should have read the documentation rather than just hacking away as I usually do. Ugh. I’m sure I added some script somewhere else.

Ah well, at least the homepage is working now!

Thanks so much for your help!

You can close this thread :slight_smile:

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Quick correction: it was /applications/libraries/globals.php on the root level, not in themes.

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