Trouble with site after Omeka update

I’ve got a bit of a problem with Tampa Historical (, my Curatescape site. First time poster, but I’m a bit desperate.

When I went to the site yesterday morning, I got an error message. The same message came up at the admin side. Once I found the error code, some quick Googling told me that an Omeka upgrade (I was still running 2.4, tsk tsk tsk…) would fix it. I did the automatic update to Omeka 2.7 on Reclaim Hosting. After the upgrade, I was able to see the admin side of the site, which was an improvement. Everything there seems to be in order. It tells me that we’re running Omeka 2.7, so that’s good. All my stories and tours are there as well, so that’s good too. Since everything is working on the admin side, I think I did the update correctly.

BUT if I go to the public URL, I get nothing. Just a blank white screen. I’ve reloaded, different browsers, different computers. Still nothing. Blank white screen. Empty page. No error, no message. Nothing.

What am I missing? Do I need to reinstall Curatescape? Update the plug-ins? Omeka asked me to update Geolocation. I did, but that didn’t change anything.

I’m sure there’s an easy fix, and I’m embarrassed that I have to ask the question. Having spent very little time playing with any of the technical details of the site since I set it up three years ago, I feel woefully unprepared to deal with this. But I guess the upgrade was overdue and now I’ve got to get it working again. I appreciate any tips you have.

Hi @StevePrince,

No worries. A quick update of the themes and (all) plugins should fix the issue. After replacing the theme, you’ll want to look at the updated theme options. Note that the latest version is going to look a bit different as well. And after replacing the plugins, you’ll need to go to Admin > Plugins and manually finish any required upgrades by clicking the green Upgrade buttons where they appear. Let me know how it goes.

– Erin

Thanks Erin. I appreciate it. I’ll get to work.


Worked like a charm. I’m good to go. Thanks Erin!