Tourbuilder Plugin failure


We are attempting to upgrade Tourbuilder Plugin using the opensource version. Currently items displayed on item map but not on the homepage map. Ability to create tours is also not present. When we try to upgrade the Tourbuilder Plugin we get an error message (screenshot 1 below). When we click the green ‘Upgrade’ button we get an error message “Omeka has encountered an error” prompt.

The site is at:


To fix the homepage map, you may need to update the Curatescape theme. It looks like you’ve got a couple issues with the theme right now. 1) it appears to be in the plugins directory instead of the themes directory, 2) you need to remove it from the theme-curatescape-master folder.

Regarding the TourBuilder, can you share the error message you get when you click the Upgrade button?


Thank for the very fast response! We moved the Curatescape into the themes folder and removed it from theme-curatescape-master folder. There were some changes in the appearance of the site but the master map is still not showing our pins.

When we view the /admin/plugins directory, the TourBuilder item reads “You have a new version of Tour Builder. Please upgrade!”. When we click the Upgrade button, /admin/plugins/upgrade reads “Omeka has encountered an error. To learn how to see more detailed information about this error, see the Omeka Codex page on retrieving error messages.” We attempted getting a more detailed error message to display, following instructions here, but were unsuccessful.

Any additional suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi @elyjanis, I now notice that your site is hosted in a subdirectory at – you’ll want to host it in a subdomain instead, e.g. This is the reason the homepage map is failing (and there are several other issues you’ll have with subdomain installations). If you can, I strongly suggest making this change. Your webhost and/or domain registrar will have more information about how to do that.

Without an actual error message there isn’t much I can do to diagnose the TourBuilder issue. If you tried everything listed here and are still unable to get access to error message or logs, you might want to check the Omeka forums for help as that’s a bit outside the scope of the Curatescape forum (and the Omeka team is better equipped to help with that in any case).

PS: It’s possible that the TourBuilder issue might be fixed by moving to a subdomain, but I’m not entirely sure.


Quick follow up questions:

Do you already have tours?

If so, how old was the previous version of the TourBuilder plugin?

Since it looks like you’re just getting started, it might be easiest to just uninstall the TourBuilder plugin and start from scratch. You would lose your existing tours, but since you only have two public items (and one is called Test), I’m guessing that might not be a big deal. To do this, you can replace the new version of TourBuilder with the old version and then navigate to the plugins page and click “Uninstall.” Then add the new version back and it should be fine.

Just a suggestion, which may or may not be useful depending on your situation. In the longer term, you’ll still want to get error reporting working, move to a subdomain, etc.