Tour Plugin - changing text

Hello Erin:
First of all, I appreciate the work you do her win the forum.
Now: I see how to customize the text for Stories and Tours. W changed ‘Tour’ to ‘Case Study’ and Tours to ‘Case Studies.’ However, with the Tour Builder plugin we seem stuck with the following text: “Locations for Tour” on the main page and 'Tour Info" on the item page associated with a particular tour; can we change this text to something more in keeping with our new Case study labels? Thanks,

Hi @Barry, thanks for catching this. You can download a theme update that includes the fix here:

Direct link to zip file :point_left:

Thanks Erin. Do I simply rename current curates cape folder in my themes folder, and upload the new folder? I would have to then do all the curates cape configurations again, to match the previous, and add back in any custom css that I have used?

You can just overwrite/replace the current folder and everything will continue to work as before, with the addition of the bug fix.

Thanks, will do Erin.