Tour Plugin - changing text

Hello Erin:
First of all, I appreciate the work you do her win the forum.
Now: I see how to customize the text for Stories and Tours. W changed ‘Tour’ to ‘Case Study’ and Tours to ‘Case Studies.’ However, with the Tour Builder plugin we seem stuck with the following text: “Locations for Tour” on the main page and 'Tour Info" on the item page associated with a particular tour; can we change this text to something more in keeping with our new Case study labels? Thanks,

Hi @Barry, thanks for catching this. You can download a theme update that includes the fix here: Release v.3.1.3 · CPHDH/theme-curatescape · GitHub

Direct link to zip file :point_left:

Thanks Erin. Do I simply rename current curates cape folder in my themes folder, and upload the new folder? I would have to then do all the curates cape configurations again, to match the previous, and add back in any custom css that I have used?

You can just overwrite/replace the current folder and everything will continue to work as before, with the addition of the bug fix.

Thanks, will do Erin.

The fix partly worked… but the default language of “Tour Info” still appears on items viewed as part of a tour…not a deal breaker, but we aren’t keen on the language of ‘tour.’

Ah, looks like I missed that. I’ve updated the theme again.

If you don’t want to re-upload everything and don’t mind manually editing the code, here’s what changed (basically just add 'singular' as a parameter inside the mh_tour_label() function so it says mh_tour_label('singular')

And here’s the Direct Link (zip file) :point_left: