Tour Map Not Showing up on Front Page of New Tours on Website

Hello. In our two most recent tours on Historic North Adams, it is no longer showing a map of the tour sties on the front page of the tour on our website. Our previous tours all have this feature. The tours in question are the " City of Steeples Downtown Religious Sites Tour" and Blackinton Neighborhood Tour. I’ve tried to troubleshoot it but I can’t find currently find anything different that would be causing this change. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Hi @elyjanis, I logged in to your site and it appears the issue was related to your titles being formatted as HTML. I unchecked the Use HTML checkboxes for the titles that had commas (Saint John’s and Saint Anthony’s) and that fixed the issue.

I’ll fix this bug, but should note that HTML always gets stripped out the title field anyway, so it’s best not to check the Use HTML box. It’s generally recommended to only use the HTML option in the body of the story and in the related resources field, and then only when you need to format something specific like a link or italic/underlined text.

I also notice that the terrain map tiles have limited coverage in your area when zoomed in, so I switched to the street tiles (Carto Voyager). You can edit the map settings in the theme config area if you want to try another option.

Thank you so much! This resolves all our issues. Thank you for the switch on the map tiles as well. I think it works much better.