This is not a valid plugin

Hello! I am attempting to install a suite of CurateScape plugins (Admin Helper, JSON. and Tour Builder) and for each I get the following error:

“This is not a valid plugin.”

I attached a screenshot as well. I am running Omeka 2.7.1 on Reclaim Hosting. I also noticed that the curatescape theme itself does not install properly on the server. I’m unsure how to process from here. I would be grateful for any help!

Aha! I figured it out - i had downloaded the “master” branches of the plugins. Without the -master in the name they work fine.

Hi @nschwiet, glad you found the solution. In the future, you can download from Github using the “Releases” section for each repository (e.g. Curatescape theme 3.4.1). Unlike the master branch, those versions should be ready to go without changing folder names, etc.