Tags not working


I have uploaded most of my items through and all are tagged. My site is showing the distribution/number of tags, but when I click on a tag or try to find all items with a certain tag through the search function, I get a 404 error (example: http://borderpostcards.sarahcsears.com/cms/cms/items/browse?tags=Mexico). Additionally, if I go to an item and click on one of its tags, it takes me to a list of all the items with that tag, but the items don’t show up with pins on the map (example: http://borderpostcards.sarahcsears.com/cms/items/browse?tags=Columbus).

I had a lot of trouble even getting the image to show up on the map because I had strange spaces/extra lines in my Dublin Core data. I’m wondering if this issue is related? Any suggestions?


Hi @sasears, sounds like you have two issues.

The issue with the tag links leading to a 404 error is caused by your site being hosted in a subdirectory ( i.e. /cms ). Since you don’t have anything else at the root of borderpostcards.sarahcsears.com, I suggest you move all the files inside of the cms folder into the root of your domain (that is, so everything inside of cms is now next to it). That is the simplest way to fix the problem.

Regarding the map issues, yes, having extra line breaks and other special characters in the title field can break the map script. I suggest editing the titles on the items that aren’t working. We’re working on an update to permanently fix that issue going forward.


Thanks! That worked!