Tabular data archiving of Curatescape item type

Hi @ebell. I’m about to start exporting the Dublin core metadata for our story collection so that I can use OpenRefine to clean it up and give me a csv for archiving/interoperability purposes.

Since Curatescape is a custom item type, I was wondering if you’d had any experience with archiving it. Would you just keep columns names as in Curatescape and document what they mean (as you have in your item type) or would you adapt them to existing (maybe expanded) DC attributes? I’d be fine with either but I’d like to future proof as much as possible.

Hi @james-smith, I actually don’t have any special insight on this. I think it depends on how you envision using the export file in the future. I would probably keep the current column names and include the original field descriptions. You can always rename/remap as the need arises. If you keep a copy of the site available in some form or fashion, it should be clear how everything is meant to fit together.