Speeding map load time

A Curatescape project I’m working on seems to have a problem with very slow load times for the map - sometimes 10 seconds or longer; occasionally it doesn’t seem to load at all unless I refresh. Any known issues that might be causing this? Hill District History

The map is loading all 13 public items almost instantly for me.

If you have lots more items that aren’t public, it might take longer when logged in, but not by much.

The map is designed to only load when it comes into the users’ view, via IntersectionObserver, so maybe you’re noticing that intentional delay?

The only JavaScript error I’m seeing is for the Guest User plugin (Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined). The Guest User and Contribution plugins are only minimally supported and will only have access to jQuery on their dedicated pages. This is not likely to have any impact on the map.

There might be something else going on with your server that causes a delay. You could enable gzip compression if you have not already.

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Thanks - it seems to happen on mobile in particular. Here’s a screenshot from my iOS Safari today - the map never loaded until i refreshed.


Could it have anything to do with the site being not secure? I’m encouraging the partner (who hosts the site) to get an SSL certificate, but that hasn’t been completed yet…

If you aren’t seeing any (relevant) errors or warnings in the JavaScript console and I can’t reproduce it, it’s kind of difficult to make a specific recommendation. I’ve seen it happen before. I’m not entirely sure why, but it seems to impact Safari in particular, though not consistently.

Either way, I definitely recommend using SSL, not only so that you can use the geolocation feature on the maps, but also because non-SSL sites are significantly penalized in search engine rankings. I would also recommend moving the site to a subdomain (e.g. subdomain.example.com rather than example.com/subdirectory). That will minimize the likelihood of various other issues.

ahh, the subdirectory issue may well be it - this is just a clone of the full site anyway, so I’ll try taking the “real” one out of stealth mode and see if it has the same issues. Thanks!

UPDATE: success! the original site does not seem to have the problem. I’ll relocate the preview to a subdomain, as you suggested.