Resources Explaining Plugins

I’d like to make sure New Orleans Historical is taking advantage of all the latest curatescape plugins to keep our site engaging and up to date. I’ve looked at our plugins tab the back end of the website and the curatescape GitHub page, and… it is all Greek to me! If at all possible, could you point me in the direction of some resources that might help me gain a better understanding of plugins. Are there any plugins that others have used to modify their curatescape projects that might be under my radar? I would love to see how other folks are modifying their pages to suit their projects’ needs.

The plugins that are available on your site are the plugins that are supported by the Curatescape theme. Hosted projects are unable to add new plugins themselves (adding plugins requires full server access). Is there something specific you’re trying to achieve?

We are working with some new partners that want to have a kind of standalone appearance/branding within NOH. I don’t have specific demands from them yet, but I just wanted to make sure I am aware of all of curatscape’s existing plugins to see if I could play with any of those to suit their needs without having to reinvent the wheel.

There aren’t really any plugins (or themes) that would help you accomplish that as far as I know. What you’re describing would probably require significant code modifications and would need to be designed specifically for your use case (e.g. via a new custom theme).

In speaking with your collaborators, I’d suggest maybe creating a new page (or pages) that feature information about sponsors/partnerships, etc. There you could include sponsor logos, text, links to specific content on your site and elsewhere, etc.