Read More Buttons on Stories

I’d like to either create a two-column design for “story” content or create “read more” and “read less” buttons to help visitors navigate with minimal scrolling. I don’t see these options among the html buttons. Please advise. Thank you!

Hi @alanger06,

In the Echo theme, the story content has a floating table of contents that allows users to smoothly scroll from one section to the next with a single click (i.e. Main Text, Images, Location, etc).

If you are still using the Classic theme, you might give Echo a test drive to see if that suits your needs. Otherwise – if I understand correctly – you would probably need to heavily-customize the theme in ways that cannot be summarized here.

Thanks for these notes. We’re still using the classic theme, and we have a lot of content in our “Main Text” boxes, and it’s in both English and Arabic. What I was hoping I might be able to do is to create expandable and contractible panes in the main text so that visitors will immediately be able to see that there are both English and Arabic texts without having to scroll down past all the English text. Alternatively, I was hoping to create a two-column layout with English on the left and Arabic on the right. I know this is a lot of customization, but I’m happy to give it a try if you can inform me how to make it happen. Thanks!

This would definitely require a level of customization that is, unfortunately, beyond forum help. You would likely need to hire a developer or learn advanced CSS (and possibly some PHP and JavaScript as well) to accomplish your desired layout.

@alanger06 it’s admittedly a bit clunky, but could you clone the installation to a subdomain or subfolder, with all content in Arabic, then add a navigation menu item for the Arabic language version (and vice versa on the Arabic site)? Or is it important to have both languages on the same story?

There are probably fancier ways of doing this if you’re not an amateur like me :slight_smile: