Questions about Curatescape Echo

Hi @ebell. We’re currently looking at a final home for our Curatescape install on, and the plan is to place it on the hosting of a new website we’re building, but to spring clean with a brand new install and Curatescape Echo + latest plugins, then transfer our items over.

I have a few queries about Echo for planning purposes:

  1. I know there used to be a menu issue with Curatescape classic if it wasn’t hosted on a root directory. Is that still the case with Echo?

  2. I’ve only used an older version of the Beta theme, but are there any more map tilesets available now? I seem to recall that there were only a limited number.

  3. I see that you’ve added full German translations. I assume this means that Echo has localisation now and I could create a welsh .po/.mo file? Is it compatible with locale switcher plugin?

All the best and many thanks,

  1. Subdirectory v. subdomain: I’m not sure. I believe I’ve fixed all those issues, though a subdomain is probably still the better choice in most cases.
  2. Map tilesets: Still the same choices, but with better performance, etc.
  3. Translations: Yes, you should be able to more easily add a Welsh translation now. All the UI strings are translatable. I don’t know about the Locale Switcher plugin. You’ll need to test that and probably do some work to integrate the controls. Of course, that plugin will do nothing to translate the text of the content so if that’s what you have in mind, that’s a wholly different issue.