Pages have disappeared

Suddenly my website looks totally different. All the pages are gone–there were probably about 30 of them. Is there a way to get them back? I hadn’t been on the website for maybe a month, and I tried to get on on Friday but some were missing. Someone at my university got it partially back, but the pages are missing. The website is

Many thanks,


I did get the pages back (I needed to update the Simple Pages plugin). However, why would the website suddenly not work? Why would the appearance change? the home page change? There are only two people who had access to it, and we had not touched it. This is very worrisome.


I think probably your site auto-updated. You can control auto-updates in your hosting cPanel.

Many thanks, Erin. It was a bit of a scare.

If it’s any consolation that happened to me too on reclaim hosting, but I knew what was going on from previous times that it had happened. I have disabled auto updates for any Omeka pages I don’t want to automagically update.