<p> tagless text in Omeka html issue

Hi @ebell. While I think about certain tags not being captured by CSS, do you know any solution to the fact that Omeka Classic has that ridiculous habit of creating text with no html tags when you have html enabled on a field?

We’ve always had this issue where any para with para tags in our story field is obviously styled correctly by Curatescape, but sometimes depending on how text is entered you can end up with a block of text with nothing encapsulating it, which then doesn’t style correctly.

I’m assuming (forgive me if I’m wrong) that CSS can’t pick up text if it doesn’t have anything to be filtered like para tags. I personally find it very easy to just add tags if it happens, but some of my colleagues struggle.

<p> tags should be added automatically unless you’re using the built-in HTML editor, in which case they can be omitted for a variety of reasons. Copy-pasting text from other docs can cause that, choosing the wrong formatting options can cause it, etc. Nothing we can do about that really. It’s up to the user to make sure their own HTML is valid. If there are specific edge cases that aren’t addressed in the theme, let me know by providing details.

You answer is what I said to them: that if something is expecting html then it has to be in html. I didn’t think it was a thing that could be fixed (since it isn’t actually a problem as much as a data entry issue like you said).

Back to my current strategy of telling people how to mark up their text.