Omeka > PlacePress interoperability

Hi @ebell. Out of curiosity, have you used any easy method (xml etc) to move content from a Curatescape story to PlacePress?

So for context, we’re making a final project website for with a designer using WP as the base, the current Curatescape install will go on and (hopefully) will keep growing with student projects (maybe using Echo), but will be a new subdomain.

However, we’d like to use PlacePress to adapt some of the structures we know and love (the maps, tours etc) to the new website where relevant and link out to our ongoing Omeka instance as we go.

Is there any way of moving content easily from an Omeka Curatescape type item to a WP PlacePress item? No worries if not since it’s only a small subset that we’d be reusing, but I just wanted to know what my options are.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy way to move between Omeka and WordPress. You could experiment with Omeka’s CSV Export plugin and something like WP All Import and maybe find some ways to streamline the workflow.

If you’re looking for design ideas for integrating PlacePress into a custom theme, you could check out Green Book Cleveland, which we just re-launched.