NOTICE: Changes to Stamen Terrain Map Tiles

Notice to all users. Stamen Map tiles are now hosted by Stadia Maps. This impacts the Terrain map for all Curatescape projects to date. You may get an error on your terrain maps that reads “These basemap tiles will no longer be available as of October 31, 2023.” To fix this issue, follow the steps below. A new release of both the Curatescape Classic and Curatescape Echo themes is available on Github.

This is a simple fix for most users and will generally result in an improved experience, with higher resolutions and better coverage!


If you have customized the theme, you’ll need to manually update the tile provider API endpoints to use the new URL.

… with the new URL:

You can find the relevant code in javascripts/providers.js if your theme is based on Echo or custom.php if it is based on Classic.

Clarification regarding the notice about need to create a Stadia maps account; do ALL Curatescape projects need to do this, or only those using Terrain maps? In other words, if we never plan to use the Terrain map option, can we just ignore it? Or is there some advantage that makes this worthwhile for all projects?


All maps include the option to switch to terrain. So it’s recommended for all projects, even those that don’t use the terrain map as the default.

It only takes a minute and I think it’s worth it just to ensure that your project will look as professional as possible.

Going forward, we’ll probably find some better way to handle this issue, but the change took us a little off guard.

Quick update. If you do not register your site with a free account, this is (eventually) what your users will see when the terrain map is loaded.

Update/New Theme Releases

In order to accommodate the changes detailed above, we have issued new versions of the themes. Curatescape Echo (version 1.4.3 or newer) and Curatescape Classic (version 3.5.2 or newer) now have separate settings for primary and secondary map styles.

  • Stamen Terrain is no longer used by default in any context.
  • Admins may still use Stamen Terrain as the primary or secondary map style but will need to manually enable it in the theme settings for their site.

With these changes, admins may better understand and control when and if they are using a map style that requires some form of authentication and/or might incur additional costs in the future.

All maps will be set to default settings upon upgrading to the latest themes.

See screenshot below, depicting defaults.