More navigation bar trouble

I read the previous post regarding navigation bar issues and it appears that the problem was solved with an upgrade. I just installed Omeka via reclaim hosting’s install wizard. As far as I know, I have the latest version. After the install, I downloaded and added the latest version of Curatescape. I also have (as far as I know) the required plugins, as well as the optional plugins.

I am going to be using this platform as a way for my high school students to add items/stories to the map after they have completed their research. My thought was to do so by allowing guest users to contribute. I have added the guest user plugin and contribution plugin.

Now my question: How do I change the navigation bar to include more than Home, Stories, Tours, and About? I have a check next to each of the items I would like to add. If I remove the check from “default navigation,” it removes all navigation links.

Just in case the system info will help…

Hi @josephhhunter, it’s hard to say what’s happening for sure, but my best guess is that your navigation is breaking out of the layout container and is hidden behind the map. Does the map look sort of broken? Is the search bar missing? That would be a sign that there are more links than can fit in the header navigation area. Try removing and/or renaming some of the links.

Thank you so much. I shortened the display names and that did the trick.