Missing Captions

It is my understanding that Curatescape generates captions based on the Dublin Core. I think I have enough DC fields populated in order to see a caption for this item, but I do not. Do I need to go somewhere to activate the captioning feature?

Hi @M_McQ,

Your site is hosted in a subdirectory (/omeka), which is why the lightbox doesn’t work. It’s also why the menu doesn’t work. And also why the tag links don’t work.

Curatescape doesn’t currently support subdirectory installs.

You can change your site URL to use a root- or sub-domain, or you can edit the code base to get those issues fixed.

Thank you, I thought these were all separate problems. Could the subdirectory install also explain why I cannot save any changes to the theme (eg upload a background picture)?

Not being able to save theme options sounds like a different issue. Can you save any of the options or is it just an issue with file uploads? Is it all file uploads or just some?

I get a 503 error message every time I click the save button on this page, regardless of what, if anything, I have changed. I can save options on the “Navigation” and “Settings” tabs but nothing on the “Themes” tab.

Here’s an overview of what a 503 error could mean.

You may be able to get a more detailed error message if you enable debugging as described in the Omeka documentation.

You might also try changing the theme to see if the error persists. If so, there may be an issue with your installation.