Metadata at the Item level

The success of the project has led to the photo archives we work with getting additional requests for copies of images on Waco History. One concern they have is the ability to work from the image item back to the original in the archive. Is there a way to include metadata for the image without it appearing with the image? In other words, we want to credit the archive with the caption, but then have information such as the listing below available at the file level.

General Photo Files, Accession #3976, Box 270, Waco-Cotton-Waco Cotton Oil Company, The Texas Collection, Baylor University.

Hi @stephen_sloan, if you enter text in the Rights field for the file, that text will appear as a caption below the image on the files/show page (i.e. when the user clicks through to the file record). Let me know if that’s a good solution or if you had something else in mind. :slight_smile:

Could Curatescape take advantage of the Hide Elements plugin? That one allows you to not display or search specific elements, i.e., just for internal use.

Yes, I believe that would work fine on the admin side, though you’d need to tweak the settings in CuratescapeAdminHelper, which hides and modifies some fields by default.

For Explore Baltimore Heritage, I sometimes use the “Source” field for this purpose. We’ve moved away from including the full details about the collection name but we’ll usually name the archive/library where the original is located and include whatever unique ID that institution uses. I’d love to see that unique ID or the URL for an individual collection record split into a separate field.