Maximum file size

Is there a reason that the max file size for upload is limited to 32 mb? I know this can be changed in Omeka by editing the php and config files (per this post) but is there some reason it is constrained within the Curatescape theme? Didn’t want to go and change this and cause some unanticipated problem.

or, wait - is this a limit actually set by the hosting service? I notice now that the other Curatescape project I manage (on a different host) specifies a 150 MB limit, and I don’t think I ever edited the files to change that. And according to the Omeka Classic documentation:

Omeka Classic imposes no file size limitations. Your server, however, may have restrictions on file upload sizes or speeds that may be causing problems. These limitations vary from server to server and we cannot change this for you. If you have a problem uploading files through the Add New Files interface, please first check with your hosting service or your local server administrator.

Looks like you found the answer. It’s a server/host configuration.

There is also a relevant setting in application/config/config.ini, though it is commented out by default (i.e. upload.maxFileSize) and probably not part of your particular issue.

(This is definitely not related to any Curatescape themes or plugins.)

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Good to know - thanks