Map not loading on homepage/map broken on tour page

Hello - I having map load issues at

I updated the geolocation plugin and then I updated the curatescape theme.
I copied and pasted my mapbox API access token after updating for the site.
I also cleared my cache in case that was the problem.

Not only doesn’t the map load on the homepage when the site opens, when I hit tours the maps that not fully load with a blank section in middle.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, because I’ll have to go and update a few curatescape sites after getting this one set.

OK - I changed the Map Style to “Mapbox Styles (see configuration below)”
Then I selected “Light” for Mapbox Tile.
I got the map loading on the homepage now and on the tour pages.
However, on the homepage none of the pins appear.
Any help on restoring the pins to the home page map

There appears to be an issue with your JSON output. Make sure you’ve also updated the CuratescapeJSON plugin.

Thank you - worked like a charm.

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