Map not displaying after upgrade

Hello! We just upgraded our site to the latest versions of the themes and plugins and the maps won’t display on the public pages. Geolocation plugin is up to date too. I can see the maps in the admin side, but not public view. Help?

Hi @ctvsharpe,

I happened to still have a login for the site from when we managed it so I went ahead and fixed the issues (feel free to remove my user if you like).

You just needed to re-save the theme settings (this is not generally required, but we changed up some options a while back that necessitated it). You also had two conflicting plugins – MobileJSON and CuratescapeJSON. MobileJSON is deprecated and replaced by CuratescapeJSON. Feel free to delete MobileJSON, as well as ImageTree (also deprecated).

Also, I’ve just updated the main Curatescape repo on Github (the main repo tends to lag behind the individual ones). If you got the theme and plugins from here, it might be a good idea to grab the latest versions of everything as there are some significant changes and improvements. Depending on your preferences and comfort-level with the command-line, you might want to check out the command-line utility here, which will always automatically pull the latest versions from the individual repos and is generally much faster.

Thanks so much @ebell!! I really appreciate it and the update tips.