MAJOR error: file metadata overwriting/deleting existing images!

Okay, I’m experiencing a new and alarming problem: when adding image files to a story today, I followed the usual workflow of uploading the files, “Save Changes” then returning to the file tab and editing the metadata fields. However, today when I’ve uploaded files and go back to edit them, the metadata fields are pre-loaded with metadata from another file on the site.

No matter what I do from that point, (whether I delete those fields and replace with the correct ones for the new file, don’t make any changes to the file at all, delete the new file, etc.) whatever file is associated with the metadata that appeared on my new file is now GONE. The entire record is deleted, not just the image file.

I feel like I’m not fully explaining this well, so here’s a screen recording: - note the caption of the pre-loaded metadata, which obviously doesn’t match the 1 image remaining on the story associated with the file.
(Note: in this recording I delete the new image I was adding, but the metadata-associated file gets deleted even if I save the new file & metadata)

I’m now terrified to add ANY files to stories for fear it will overwrite existing images…any idea what’s going on?

This is not a Curatescape theme or plugin issue. Remember that for issues relating to Omeka, you should use the Omeka Forum. It just so happens I have seen this behavior before. See links below. I think you should contact your hosting provider as there’s likely a configuration/performance issue with your database.

Okay, I wasn’t aware it wasn’t necessarily linked to Curatescape. Thanks for the links

HI Erin,
I contacted customer service at the partner’s hosting provider (GoDaddy) and was able to chat with tech support. They repaired the database and claim that everything is working fine on their end, but based on the messages in Console they said it has something to do with a problem in the stylesheet, and to contact the theme developer. That seems…unlikely to me, but I’m just coming back here to follow up anyway. I’ve included a transcript of the relevant part of our conversation below. Does anything there seem like possible answer?

As you may have surmised, the person who received your support request does not know what they’re talking about. The “flash of unstyled content” warning is completely superficial and would not (and could not) have any impact on your database.

I would try again to get a more useful reply from Godaddy and/or review the Omeka forum threads to see how others have dealt with this in the past. You might even start a separate thread there if the existing posts don’t help.

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Okay, thanks for confirming my suspicions. I have doubts I’ll get anything better from GoDaddy (the partner org’s hosting choice, not mine :roll_eyes:) so I think I will try a new thread on Omeka, since this issue does seem a little different than the ones you shared earlier.

For anyone who comes across this thread, see the continuing post on the Omeka Forum.

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