Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for sharing Curatescape, it really makes a great job in sharing geographically situated stories!

I am now building a website using Omeka and Curatescape for my institution, and we would like it to be available in 3 languages, with the possibility to switch from one language to the other with an extra menu at the top, between the logo and the search box.

I am now looking at the implementation of Zend_Translate API by Omeka, as well as Zend_Locale and Zend_Registry, and trying to build a language switcher in Bootstrap, to create routes with a language id and allow chaining of language id with normal route of the page.

  • Have some solutions already been developed to support this feature? Do you know some good documentation that could help me?
  • It is actually not very clear to me where I should make changes: modifying the exisiting files in my project or creating a new plugin? Modifying the exisiting controllers or creating a new controller? Modifying the exisiting css files or creating a new css file?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi @hajoki,

Curatescape’s theme and plugins should be (more or less) ready for internationalization per Omeka’s guidelines, although there’s a good possibility that we may have missed a string here and there. Feel free to follow up here or on the Github issue tracker if you find some text that is not translatable and I’ll do my best to fix it quickly.

In general, though, translating themes and plugins will be a very small part of the work involved, if I understand your goal correctly. The only thing you can really create translations for are user interface elements (e.g. navigation, buttons, section headings, etc). Creating translations for original content is beyond what we can help with here, and, as far as I know, there are no tools for displaying Omeka content in multiple languages, although it is a frequent topic of interest on the Omeka forum.

Hi @ebell,

Thank you for the answer that really helped me understand better the answers on Omeka forum I had extensively read but not always figured out.

Internationalization of the content is actually a priority for us, so I guess it means moving on from Omeka 2 to Omeka S, to have multiple websites sharing resources, as far as I understood in Bilingual content/internationalisation - Development - Omeka Forum.

So my question to your team becomes (and sorry if it is very naive!): do you consider developping a version of Curatescape for Omeka S? What would be needed to adapt the theme?

Good luck with your projects!

Hi @hajoki,

We don’t currently have any plans to create an Omeka S version of Curatescape. Although we are enthusiastically tracking the project for other uses, it seems Omeka S is a radically different product and it’s not yet clear if Curatescape will be a good fit.