Installing the Omeka API Import plugin

I am trying to transfer my website to a different URL. My new website is hosted on Reclaim Hosting.

However, I can’t install the Omeka Api Import plugin (or any other plug in) because Omeka doesn’t appear in the File Manager in the cPanel on Reclaim Hosting, even though the new website is on Omeka. Therefore, I can’t install Curatescape on the new URL either.

Many thanks, Sis

Hi @emhight,

This sounds like a Reclaim Hosting issue. You’ll want to submit a support ticket here:

Again, we attempted to transfer a website from one URL to another and got the following error message about setting a path. Why do we get this message and how do we fix this?

Both websites are on Reclaim Hosting.

Here are their URLs.



Please let us know what we need to do to fix this.

Many thanks,

Eleanor (Sis) Hight

Again, this is an Omeka/Reclaim Hosting issue. Omeka and Reclaim both have forums, and Reclaim offers direct support for questions like this one.

To set the background PHP path for Omeka, see: