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I have been consulting with a number of scholars who are installing and managing their own open source instances of Curatescape. Folks have been really enthusiastic about this platform.

However, they keep running into the following two problems during installation that I don’t immediately find explained in the documentation. These suggestions are addressing practices that may be widely accepted among developers but are generally not known to humanities researchers (in my experience). For the sake of clarity for scholars working with minimal technical knowledge and support, might these be explained in the installation documentation?

The following issues with installation occur when scholars are adding Curatescape to an existing Omeka site that they’ve set up using a web host with cPanel (e.g. Reclaim Hosting):

  1. When installing the Curatescape theme: After downloading and unzipping theme-curatescape-master, folks are uploading the theme-curatescape-master folder to [omeka]/themes rather than uploading only the enclosed curatescape directory, resulting in an incorrect installation. (This may be confusing to folks, as well, because the plugin zips have one less directory level and don’t require this step.)

  2. When installing the plugins CuratescapeJSON and CuratescapeAdminHelper: After downloading and unzipping, folks are uploading these directories as is to [omeka]/plugins, which results in error messages in the Omeka dashboard due to file naming. Folks don’t necessarily know that they need to remove “-master” from each directory name to complete installation.

Thank you so much for considering these – they are very small issues, but they keep recurring. A little bit of added documentation in Github would address them.

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Thanks. We deal with this all the time as well. Improving the download/installation process is on our todo list. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: