Images Not Showing Up


I am trying to set up a site using Curatescape and Omeka, but I can’t get my images to show up. I can upload the files just fine, but when I go to the public version of the page, the images look like the thumbnails that show up when something can’t load. This happens with the speech bubbles at the top of the page, the background image, and the thumbnail previews of files I have uploaded. What am I doing wrong?

My Omeka log-in pages says I’m running version 2.4.1, but I did try downloading Omeka 2.5 last night in an attempt to fix the problem. I transferred the files for 2.5 onto my university’s server, and deleted the 2.4.1 files, but the page still says I’m running 2.4.1. So I’m not entirely sure which version is actually running.

I’m also using the 7.0.15-0ubuntu0.16.04.2 (apache2handler) PHP and my OS is Linux 4.4.0-22-generic x86_64. Let me know if you need any other information.

Thank you for your help!


Hi @jnross, does this happen with other themes or just with Curatescape?


Here are some other areas to check…

What is the path to the source images, e.g. is the broken img tag in the header pointing to /files/theme_uploads/something.png? Is the broken img tag for the content images pointing to /files/square_thumbnails/something.jpg?

Is your site hosted in the root of a domain (, a subdomain (, or subdirectory (

Is the ImageMagick path correct? (see /admin/settings/edit-settings)

Does the JavaScript console show any errors?


Hi Erin,

Thank you so much for your help! I’m taking a crash course in coding, so let me know if this isn’t what you need.

I just tried the other themes, and it definitely only happens with Curatescape.

The broken image tag reads: img src=“” class=“home” id=“logo-img” alt=“W&M LGBTIQ Research Project”

And the content images read: img class=“full” alt="" src=“” title=""

I believe we are hosted in the root of a domain:

When I go to public_html/admin I don’t see a settings folder. There’s only a themes folder and an index.php file.

How do I check the JavaScript console?

Thanks again!


Looks like the issue may be related to your SSL certificate (i.e. mixed content warnings for HTTP assets being served over HTTPS). Are you using the latest version of the Curatescape theme? I recently patched it to do a better job in that area, so make sure you’re using the most recent master. It could also have to do with your S3/CDN settings (make sure those files are being served via SSL/HTTPS and that the files are actually accessible; right now they’re returning 403 Forbidden).

To view the console, you may need to first enable developer tools in your browser (depending on the browser), then right click on an element and choose “Inspect.” See screenshot.


Yes, I downloaded what was available on the Curatescape website a couple days ago.

Ok. I can view the console. How would I look into/fix the SSL certificate and S3/CDN settings?


Right no the files are pulling from whatever server Dropbox stores information on. Do I need to upload the files into the Omeka folders?


I have to admit, I have almost no experience storing Omeka files on Amazon S3, so I may not be very helpful in that regard. But here’s some interesting info.

Your site logo isn’t loading. It should be here…

It’s either not there or there is a permissions issue on the directory.

The thumbnails for the content files do not load…

But the fullsize and original files do load (which you can see if you view the site in a smaller viewport, e.g. a smartphone, or if you click through using the image viewer and/or file details page)…