Image captions/lightbox not working?


Hi, I’ve done 2 Omeka+Curatescape installs now on my server, and both times I am getting no image viewer pop-up. On the 2nd site I even installed UniversalViewer, whereas on the first site everything is vanilla according to installation instructions. I assume the image viewer is built in to the CurateScape theme. I see the references in the documentation. But I get nothing…

I noticed that the mobile menu JS wasn’t loading because I had installed in a subdirectory… and noticed some of the relative links within the UI also break because they either tack on a directory (/hpartwalk2/hpartwalk2) or remove the sub-dir (domain/). So perhaps that’s the reason why? But when I check Chrome Developer Tools, I don’t see any other missing files or JS errors on the page. It just doesn’t seem like the image viewer is loading.


Hi @benbakelaar, the problem is likely, as you guessed, with the subdirectory structure. From what I see, the failure is here, in common/header.php:

	<?php if( 0 === strpos(current_url(), '/items/show') ):?>
		loadJS('<?php echo src('items-show.js','javascripts');?>'); // items-show.js
	<?php endif;?>	

I’d suggest moving to either a root domain or subdomain if possible. If not, yoou could modify the header file so that the items-show.js file gets loaded with your current setup. But you’ll still have occasional issues with running Omeka in a subdirectory (for example with tag links).


OK great, thanks for the quick response. I haven’t had any issues running Omeka itself under sub-directories for another project. So I’m thinking it’s mainly this Javascript stuff, and other stuff particular to CurateScape, which doesn’t like the sub-dir.