Homepage customization


I just installed Curatescape and am trying to get it set up. This sounds like a stupid question, but how do you configure the map shown on the front page? I have added maps for some items under their metadata, and have created one curatescape story. None of these have affected the map on the homepage, nor does there seem to be a setting in the Configure Theme area for what location the map shows by default (or what items are featured on it). I couldn’t manage to do anything under the geolocation tab but view the items I had mapped. If I’m missing something really simple, I’ll be grateful. (if it’s relevant - Carta wasn’t able to be installed due to a mysql error)

Secondly, is there any way to have a customizable HTML or text section that is separate from the about section on the front page? The options of featured stories, tours, etc are a little limited for our project. For instance, we were hoping to use some exhibits that feature a theme tailored to oral histories, but if stories have to be curatescape specifically, that won’t be possible.

Thank you!

Hi @Chris,

Regarding the map, it should show any items that you have marked as “public” and which have coordinates created using the Geolocation plugin. The items should be of the type “Curatescape Story.” (Carta is not part of Curatescape. It could potentially cause issues if it tries to load the Leaflet scripts that are already loaded by the Curatescape theme). I can’t say for sure what – if anything – is wrong without a link, console messages, etc.

The only place for arbitrary HTML on the homepage is the About text widget.

Curatescape is designed for a fairly specific use case (publishing media-rich location-based narratives). You may find that if you need to do a lot of customization or incorporate many different item types or add a lot of plugin-specific functionality, it may make more sense to create a custom theme instead of using Curatescape. We don’t recommend using the Exhibit Builder plugin with Curatescape unless you are comfortable customizing the theme to make it work well.

Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

Best – E