Geolocation Accuracy

Dear Curtaescape Support Team

I am building a web app using Omeka (from ReclaimHosting) + Curtaescape and while using Geolocation plugin to pin locations on the map and enable users to click get the directions through Google Maps.

Unfortunately, the directions shows that my current location is somewhere else (The location I pinned is right but my current location is wrong) although Google Maps works pretty well on my phone and the Internet connection is good.

Would you please help me find a solution?
Thanks in advance

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It’s hard to know for sure why the geolocation might place you in the wrong spot but I do have some guesses. The geolocation API requests your location information from the device, which I believe is derived from your IP address. IP addresses may not always correspond to your actual location. For example, if you are using a proxy or VPN to connect to the internet, your location will often be obscured. Likewise, if you are on a shared network (for example in a campus or corporate setting), the IP address might reflect the location of the network hub, rather than the location of an individual user. And some internet service providers (ISP) simply might not provide accurate location information to your device for whatever reason. Then there are also device settings that may impact accuracy. Most operating systems and browsers offer privacy tools that prevent websites from using your exact location.

So ultimately, the accuracy depends on your ISP, your device settings, your operating system, and your browser settings. Any website that requests location information can only act on the information that it receives. We follow the standards for HTML geolocation but cannot guarantee that it will be accurate in every setting.

Thank you so much for your time, I have made sure that I’m not on a vpn connection, also all the location based apps on my device including Google Maps are working in a proper way which confuses me as I have also tried the link on different devices in different places and it still can’t get the accurate location of the user. Is there any way or any kind of like complementary plugins that can solve the problem?
Thanks in advance

Am I correct that you’re referring to something that happens on the Google Maps website, after you click on the ‘get directions’ link?

Can you share the link or a screenshot?

Yes exactly this is the problem, although Google Maps is giving my accurate location, get directions option isn’t giving it the same way as the active blue circle is my current location, the get directions option gives me that I am at the grey circle which isn’t true. Actually this is the first time that it guesses a loction that near, as it usually assume my locations as if they are in a point that is much further than that.

I can’t do anything to change the way Google Maps works once you get there, but I wonder if there is an issue with the directions link being generated on your site? Can you provide that?

Yes, here is the link

So the link that is being generated looks totally normal:,31.222811937332

Users can always change the start address.

In the future I will look to see if there is a better way to create directional links, but right now this is the expected behavior.

Alright, thank you so much for your time and effort.

Hi @Heba99, FYI we just released a new version of the Curatescape Echo theme, which includes an update to the generated Google Maps link. You can download the latest version at the link below.

I see that you’re currently using the Curatescape Classic theme, which is older and doesn’t get all the latest updates (though it will continue to get bug fixes). So you might want to give the Curatescape Echo theme a try to see if this fixes your issues.

(By the way, if you crop your logo file, it will appear bigger. It’s very small right now due to the extra space around the main content. You may already know this, but figured I would mention it in case you were trying to figure it out.)