File upload error on branding options

I am using Reclaim Hosting and am testing Curatescape before trying to implement it on an existing site. Trying to configure the theme and when I try to save a file under the Branding Options section I keep getting an error. On Safari NSPOSIXErrorDomain:100 on Firefox I get a the generic message “There was an error on this form. Please try again.”
I’ve deleted the theme made sure to download the most current version from Git, set the ImageMagick path to /usr/bin/. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong and since it’s on Reclaim I don’t have access below my cpanel access.


Hi @emilymc, assuming you are able to upload files elsewhere on your site, it sounds like the image is either in the wrong format or is too large.

Thank you! The files I was trying were corrupted. Uploaded files from a different location without an issue. Thanks for your quick reply.