Feature request: text-to-speech converter

Was talking with a community partner about our project and they raised the question of accessibility, and if written narratives could have an audio option for vision impaired users. I thought this was a great ideas - obviously one way to do this would be to record readings of each story as a media option, but is it something that could be built into a future Curatescape version?

The theme and app are both designed with accessibility in mind. Visually-impaired users should be able to easily use the tools they already have at their disposal (including those built into their chosen operating system) to have their device read the text aloud. Most blind users, for example, are quite accustomed to using screen readers to speak the text from websites and apps at very rapid speeds. I’m not sure how much they would benefit from human-recorded readings (perhaps they would prefer them and perhaps not), but you could theoretically add vocal readings in the same way you already add audio files. For more information about accessibility, see the link below.

good point about screen readers being already built into operating systems - that would seem to make any theme-specific feature kind of redundant.