Factoid Feature on Mobile App

Hello Curatescape-ers!

I just noticed that our “factoids” aren’t appearing on the mobile version of our curatescape “Rhode Tour.” We frequently use the factoid features in tours and I feel like users are missing out when the additional content isn’t there. The website version is A-okay. Am I missing something in the back-end, like a feature I need to turn on? Thanks for your help! Also, apologies if this was covered in another thread.



Hi @loganhinderliter,

You are correct that Factoids don’t currently appear in the app. That will likely change in the future (no ETA at this time), but for now your best choice is going to be to incorporate that information into the main story text.

Thanks for the clarification, Erin. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for it being a change in the future.

Much appreciated!