Error with Tourbuilder Plugin

Hi there -
So I went to upgrade our Tourbuilder plugin today, and ran into some issues. After doing the usual upload/extract/replace routine, when I clicked “Upgrade” in the Plugins dashboard, I got the same error outlined in this post: Error After Updating - Zend_Db_Statement
I followed @ebell’s helpful instructions about commenting out lines 73 & 74, saved the php file, refreshed the Plugins section, clicked Upgrade and…I get this.

Did I do something wrong when commenting out the code? Here’s the screenshot from my editor:

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hi @aaronbcowan, looks like you commented out the wrong block. Below are the two blocks in question. The second one is what causes your current error message.

// Block One: if your old version was older than 1.4, we need this to add and enable the "postscript" text field.
if ($oldVersion < '1.4') {
      $sql = "ALTER TABLE `$db->Tour` ADD COLUMN `postscript_text` text collate utf8_unicode_ci default NULL";
// Block Two: If your version was older than 1.5, you'll need this to remove the now-unnecessary "slug" field
if ($oldVersion < '1.5') {
      $sql = "ALTER TABLE `$db->Tour` DROP COLUMN `slug`";

      $sql = "ALTER TABLE `$db->Tour` DROP COLUMN `tour_image`";

I would start by commenting out the second block only. If you get another error, let me know here.

Sorry for this. When this bug arose, I was doing a bad job at tagging releases (which would have let me use more precise logic). This shouldn’t happen going forward.

As usual, you’re right on the money, Erin. That fixed it and everything looks good to go. Thanks for the help!