Enable image zoom/pan

Please make it possible to zoom/pan images especially on smart phones for tours. Many of my images have a lot of unavoidable detail and the user needs to be able to zoom in.

Hi @lemanire, it is already possible to pan and zoom images. See screen capture below.

I think maybe you’re experiencing an error. The most likely reason would be that the JavaScript that handles the image viewer is not loading. This can happen when the site is installed on a subdirectory (example.com/site) instead of a root domain (example.com) or subdomain (site.example.com). If that applies to your site, moving it is the simplest solution.

This works on a computer browser but not on a smartphone. If it works on the computer shouldn’t it work on the smartphone as well? I assume your example video was from a computer. Can you show it working on a phone?

That screen capture was actually taken on an iphone. It also works on desktop/laptop browsers. I think you have an installation problem.

Aha. Now I see what you did. You accessed it with a browser on the iPhone. When I do that it works. But when I access it with the RhodeTour app I can’t pan and scroll the images. Would that be a problem with the app developers or the host? Will have to talk with our tech people. Thanx.

You didn’t mention that you were a) talking about the mobile apps, or b) were working with the Rhode Tour project. Those are both pretty important pieces of information.

The Rhode Tour project managers can email me with questions. This forum is really for web-based projects that are using the open source web components (as opposed to those that have a paid contract with us for mobile apps and technical support).

In any case, you are correct that the mobile app doesn’t currently support image pan/zoom.