Embedding Video

I aim trying to embed video code (a Vimeo hosted video file) into the story space of a Curatescape Story item type, using html? When I embed the code, the video shows up. However, when I try to view the page, the video is not loading into the story section. I’m also looking for some basic (or detailed!) information about incorporating video files into items, collections, stories, etc.
Thank you,

I found the solution - turn off html filtering in the security settings.

Hi @Barry, we generally recommend that you upload the MP4 video file directly to Omeka rather than embedding an iframe. This is safer than turning off HTML Filtering and often better for user experience (assuming you optimize the video for size).

But if you prefer to embed the video, you can just just add to the allowed elements (iframe) and allowed attributes (iframe.src, iframe.width, iframe.height, iframe.frameborder, iframe.allowfullscreen) rather than turning off filtering altogether.