Embedding Soundcloud clip into Simple Pages

My students have done some oral history interviews and we’d like to integrate them into the Simple Pages portion. We have stops on the tour with multiple authors, then each author has a Simple Page. If we were adding the MP3 to a stop, it would get added as a file to the Item and then display on that stop’s page. But, since we are using the Simple Pages for each author and not the stops, there is no option to link a file.

We thought then of embedding SoundCloud or YouTube clips, but the embed codes (iFrame) keep getting stripped out and not saved. They display briefly when switching back to HTML, but then when we save or view public page, the embedded code disappeared.

Any thoughts? How can we add audio/video content to a Simple Page.

Running Omega 3.2.1 and Curatescape 1.3.

In order to embed media, you will need to either turn off HTML Filtering (in Settings > Security) or add the relevant elements and attributes to the whitelists.