Echo installation "temporarily unavailable"?

I’m setting up an installation of Curatescape for a community group, and this is my first time working with Echo (which is awesome!)
However, even though I’ve published an item, and the site looks great when I view it on the admin side, when I try to access it in a different browser, I get a static page with the site logo and a message that the site is “temporarily unavailable.”
I’ve triple-checked that the item is designated as “public” in Omeka, and everything else seems set.
Admittedly it’s been several years since I set up a Curatescape install from scratch, so…is there a setting somewhere I’ve forgotten?

Ahh, never mind - I found the “Enable Stealth Mode” box (under Appearance->Site Access) and unchecked it. All good!
Still, will leave this here in case anyone else runs into the same problem.