Customizing the "Call-to-Action" on the home page

I’m trying to use the “Call-to-Action” feature to re-incorperate Omeka exhibits. I know this isn’t what Curatescape was designed for, but I’m trying to get some hybrid functionality.

Since I only need the lightbox button and not the yellow one, I went to the Custom php to try and remove it. I know a little HTML and a little CSS but I’m not exactly sure what is going on here. I deleted the highlighted part and it did remove the button for me.

But this resulted in a very different aspect ratio for my photo’s container.

Is there a way to have the larger photo here without the yellow button, or do I just need to choose which I prefer?

Sorry if this is an annoying question or if I post here too frequently. Thanks for always helping.

I think the easiest way to accomplish this is to just hide the button link with CSS using the visibility property, which – unlike display:hidden – will hide an element while maintaining its effect on the layout.

.cta-hero a {
    visibility: hidden;

I’d generally avoid changing the underlying theme code unless you really know what you’re doing and can support those changes over time (since they will be deleted if you update the theme in the future). You can actually accomplish quite a lot by just adding your own CSS in theme options (those settings will carry over through updates). I suggest getting to know your browser’s web inspector, which will show you how the layout works and allow you to test changes before implementing them. For example, in the web inspector screenshot below, you can see that the margins on the button are actually what determines the height of the container div element.

Coincidentally, I was doing exactly the same thing at the same time!