Curatescape theme JUST for tours?

We are experimenting with Curatescape on an existing Omeka install on our own servers (that we use for online exhibitions).
Is it possible to activate the Curatescape theme JUST for tours, so we can still use the theme we’ve been using for our main Omeka install? (Omeka allows assigning themes to individual exhibitions.)

Hi @kaial,

The Curatescape theme is designed around the idea that you will only have items created using the Curatescape Story Item Type, which contains all the custom fields to use Omeka for narrative based items. See details at Content Layout Guide · CPHDH/Curatescape Wiki · GitHub. So a typical Omeka theme would not be able to properly display Curatescape items without significant customization. You could create custom templates if you want to use a different theme, but it won’t work that way out of the box.

Hope this helps. – Erin