Contribution plugin errors

Is there any known reason Curatescape might be interfering with some of the functions in the Contribution plugin?
Currently on our site we have the Contributions plugin installed, and have a customized email text to send contributors, as well as a notification email address for new contributed items (see screenshot of admin side) However, in testing this, the notification about new contributed items is never sent, and all the contributor account receives is an email about a “request to join” as a user (and our custom text is not included).
Furthermore, even though “Allow Non-registered Contributions” is checked, our contribution page is still making contributors create an account, password, etc.
I tried uninstalling the plugin and reinstalling it, but this didn’t seem to change anything.

I’ll also run this by the Omeka Classic forum, but thought I would check here first. Thanks!

Do you get the same results when you switch to a different theme?

Oh, good question. So, switching to some of the default Omeka themes does fix the anonymous contribution problem - users aren’t prompted to register and go directly to the contribution page.

However, the notification emails and follow-up emails to the contributor still don’t work. In fact, with the other themes they don’t even get the “request to join” email

Yeah the email issue has nothing to do with Curatescape. I’ll look at the Contribution-related theme templates soon to see about the other stuff.

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Ok, looks like the issue was that the option name in the Contribution plugin settings changed and we needed to update the theme template (which uses the plugin template as-is with the exception of some extra HTML markup for layout). You can download the latest version of the theme at the link below.

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Thanks, Erin - appreciate the responsiveness