Contribution, Guest User functionality

I have installed the Guest User and Contribution plugins, and they are working fine. One issue though is that when guest users contribute an item they do not have access to either the tags or the map. Is access to these possible? Perhaps I am missing something?

Hi Barry,

While the Guest User and Contribution forms basically work as expected with the Curatescape theme, we do not currently offer formal support for those plugins. Generally, we suggest building a small team of trained contributors as a preferred alternative to open submissions.

I do see that the map does not display on the form. I’ll note that is an issue and look into releasing a bug fix in the near future.

In the meantime, you can put the following in themes/curatescape/common/header.php (somewhere after the opening <head> tag):

<?php fire_plugin_hook('public_head',array('view'=>$this)); ?>