Contribute an Item


I am finally ready for my students to begin contributing items. They have created accounts, and I have approved them. When they press the “Contribute an Item” menu, they are taken to another screen that asks them to login. Once they are logged in, they have a drop-down menu that allows them to add either a story or an image. After the item type is chosen, nothing happens. They can’t contribute. I have found that if they go to webaddress/admin/users/login, they are able to add an item from the back end.

I have a work-around and don’t mind, so it isn’t a big deal. The tinkerer in me is really wanting the other method to work though. I am stumped.

Has anyone had this issue? How did you resolve it? Is it possible/likely I am doing something wrong?


Hi @josephhhunter, can you share a link to your site or some logged errors so I can look more closely at what is happening?


Absolutely. As far as I can tell, there is not an error message. It just hangs. I’m sure it is something I need to change on my end.

I will share the site, but keep in mind it is still in the early stages. We don’t have much done yet. What we do have needs edited.


I registered for an account so that I can look at the actual form. Looks like I need admin approval. If the form isn’t loading, it will probably silently log an error in the Javascript console, which is what I’d like to see. In the meantime, it may help to update the Curatescape theme and plugins.


I added you as a contributor. Silly question: where do I find the error logs in Javascript. The site is hosted at Reclaim Hosting. Is the log through their tools or through Curatescape back end?


Here’s the error from the console.

ReferenceError: OmekaMapForm is not defined

You might try 1) disabling the “use map on contribution form” setting, 2) check your map functionality in general to make sure it works in the item > map tab, 3) be sure you have a Google Maps API key, 4) try testing with a different theme.

In general though, I strongly suggest updating all themes and plugins since that will eliminate a lot of possible issues.

Regarding the console: Since JavaScript runs in the browser (i.e. on each users’ computer instead of on a server), the log is found there. Every browser has developer tools built in, though you typically need to activate them in your browser settings/preferences.


Thank you so much. The first suggestion appears to have fixed it. I went into geolocation plugin and turned off the add map to contribution option. I’ll update plugins, Omeka, and Curate Theme when I get home.