Compatibility with Iframe and Knightlabs

Hi, I’m trying to use Iframes within Omeka Simple Pages and stories. I wonder if Iframes work? I tried doing it but it doesnt load. Hoping for some help.

Hi @gc448, my guess would be that your iframe embed code is being filtered due to your security settings. That’s where I would start. Here are some other questions that might help with troubleshooting.

Can you share the embed code here?

Are you getting any errors in the JavaScript console?

What do you see on the front end after you save the page?

What do you see on the admin side after you save the page?

For what it’s worth, this is most likely a general Omeka issue (the theme shouldn’t matter in this case), so the Omeka Forum might be the better place to work this out.

It also happens with the timeline on Omeka! Hoping for some help!

Hi Ebell, thank you for your fast response. I just tested using another theme. Apparently, this is a theme issue. Omeka’s timeline and exhibit builder is not working on curatescape. Would you know a way around this? The timeline shows perfectly from the admin side but in the website it doesnt show.

Can you share a link so I can look at the error console? Or share the embed code so I can test it on my dev site?

Hi Ebell,

Thank you for your prompt response!

So I just tested that knightlabs codes work with curatescape but the omeka timeline and exhibit maker do not. Is there a solution to this? Again, Thank you so much!

Are you referring to the Neatline plugin(s) for Omeka? Neatline is not supported in the Curatescape themes. But Exhibit Builder should work fine on its own.

Hi Ebell,

Not neatline. Just the exhibit builder and timeline connected to it. The exhibit builder displays ok but the timeline does not appear at all, but in the backend it shows. I resorted to using knightlabs timeline for now.

Any tips? Thank you!

As far as I know, Exhibit Builder does not have its own timeline feature (maybe that has changed?), so I’m guessing your other plugin is adding that feature. Again, just send me the error message if there is one, or a link to your site, so I can see what’s going on. I think probably it will be that jQuery isn’t loading. The Curatescape theme has a whitelist for when to load jQuery, so you would probably need to modify line 62 of the file at common/header.php so that $includeJQuery is set to true.

FYI, this should be fixed in the latest version of the master branch of the theme-curatescape-echo repo. I whitelisted jQuery for Exhibit Builder and Neatline to improve support for those plugins. New release pending.