Commenting on Items

I’ve installed the Commenting plugin, but it isn’t appearing with published items. Help?

Hi @Barry, the Curatescape theme uses Disqus for comments (see theme settings).

If you’d prefer to use the Commenting plugin instead, you’ll need to edit the theme file at items/show-template-default.php to include something like <?php fire_plugin_hook('public_items_show',array('view'=>$this)); ?>

Thanks. Is there a guide anywhere to setting this up? Would I install the Disqus engage plugin?
Cheers, Barry

The settings are built into the theme. You just need to create an account, then set up a site, and enter your details in theme settings at Admin > Appearance > Themes (Configure Theme).

Okay. I’m receiving a 403 error when I try to activate the comment function, so I will contact my hosting service. Thank you.

That’s unusual. Do you have a link you can share?

I have it working now. It was mod-security issue on the hosting end. Thanks.

I have created a disqus account. Do we have to install the universal code manually as its suggests on the disqus site? It does not appear that they support the omeka/curatescape platform.

Hi @kaodwyer,

You only need the shortname for your Discuss site/account. See screenshot above.